A photo project that captures the effects
of water scarcity as California faces its
worst drought in 100 years.

This is me

Handsome fella, eh?

Super Bowl XLIV

Launching the all-new 2011 Sonata.

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Words Wont Do TV
2015 Sonata Launch

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Life Trackers

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Lens Of Loyalty
Clio Sports Award Winner


2015 Sonata
Design Video


NCAA Acts of
Loyalty Print


Print One-off’s




Hope On Wheels


Licensed Music


Super Bowl XLIV


Fuel Efficiency Month


The Loyalty Report



"Joe's title says Art Director but for Hyundai's college football partnership,
he's taken an ACD role leaving a handprint on every aspect of the campaign."

− Ryan Regan // Copywriter

"I was really impressed with his creativity, passion for the craft,
work ethic and poise when dealing with the client."

− Kenny Lee // Creative Director

"Joe "does" while other just dream. And that enthusiasm
and joie de vivre shines through in his work. "

− Nobbie Kim // Executive Creative Director @ Rauxa

"If you need a hardworking, fearless, and enthusiastic
Art Director Joe should be at the top of your list."

− Nick Rooth // CD/Art Director


So many, that there’s even a National Joe Day (March 27th.) But I am not your average Joe. This Joe is a licensed scuba diver and can drive anything from a boat to a plane. This Joe is an Art Director who went to Film School & Design School. This Joe is a professional photographer and cinematographer who shot Innocean’s first print ad. This Joe believes that in order to create captivating, inspiring communications you have to light a fire in a dark place. I live for those ideas. I always strive to improve and impress. To take the pedestrian and turbocharge it with excitement. This Joe, brings that passion. Everyday. If this sounds like any other Joe you know, call me. I want to meet that guy. 

Contact me for career opportunities, new ventures, reference requests, consulting offers, just to say hi. Anything really – I’m all ears.

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